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Palliative Care Info

We currently have a number of Palliative Care locum and permanent positions available. Many of our latest Palliative Care jobs are available online, alternatively contact one of our specialist recruiters on +44(0) 1908 533422.

The hospice care sector, which includes Palliative Care, supports more than 225,000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions in the UK each year – a number which continues to grow.

Palliative Care entails improving the quality of life for patients with life-threatening illnesses by managing pain and symptoms, making them comfortable, and providing the families of those affected with phsycological and social support. Palliative Care also includes end of life care, which involves dealing with the patients wishes and helping them live as well as possible until they pass.

Example Key Skills

  • Excellent vision
  • Team player
  • Work well under extreme pressure
  • Communication skills

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